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A simple and effective system to run your repair business

All the modules you need in one system

Full profit analysis
Payroll calculation
Workshop bay schedule
Online booking
Time standards
Repair history
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We automate all workshop processes

  • Automatic customer booking
  • Work order processing in 2 minutes
  • Printing suporting documents
  • Save data to the system
Workorder operation
  • Recommendations and tolerances for technical fluids
  • Integrated work catalog
  • Recommended time limits for each repair
Planning and repair
  • Workshop bay scheduler
  • Assessment of the workload of mechanics and bays
  • Booking time for an appointment on a bay
  • Assigning work orders to workshops
Car acceptance
  • Automatic notifications to customers about the car repair progress
  • Maintenance of repair recommendations
  • Repair history for each client
Benefits of using ZEN.CAR
All-inclusive! All system features for one pricing.
Access from any device without installation
System updates are always free of payment
An unlimited number of users.
Implementation in 1 day, training of employees in 30 minutes.
A clear interface will help you quickly figure out in the system and get started
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7-day free trial.No payment details.
Main features of ZEN.CAR
Client appointment scheduling and bay load
Time standards, calculation of the cost of work
Stock maintenance, inventory of items and spare parts
analysis of workshop efficiency
Who is our client and why
Increased profit
Business owner
  • no additional training or enhancement required
  • sales, services, and employees efficiency analysis
  • saving time
Increased customer flow
Marketing Manager
  • customer service engagement
  • automatic creation of a client's personal account
  • full customer history
saving time
Service advisor
  • quick workorder creation and automatic sms notifications to customers
  • total workshop workorder statistics
  • the repair story of all customers
  • Bay load planner
Motivation system
  • easy viewing of the workorder
  • viewing reviews of an employee's work
  • work and sales statistics
  • automatic payroll
Stock management
auto parts manager
  • stock, spare parts, and sales statistics
  • selecting, adding and removing spare parts
  • adding parts to a workorder
7-day free trial.No payment details.

The problems of modern workshops

And we have a solution for each one
Fee for "every feature"
When you buy a basic version of the software, you have to additionally modify it to your needs, maintain servers, pay for training
All Inclusive
Fire the programmer and don't pay extra! ZEN.CAR is a cloud service, accessible via the Internet from any device, you don't need to purchase a server. Software is created taking into account all the needs of car services, so you do not have to pay extra to programmers. Training is free of charge.
Long information search
You have to buy extra or search online for a catalog of work, time standards for services, and technical information. Working in several programs reduces the work speed and efficiency.
Integration with databases
We have integrated the Autodata catalog with the time standards and technical information about the volumes and specifications of the filling fluids. The catalog is absolutely free for ZEN.CAR users.
Problems with reporting
It's problematic to make reports and put them together to track any business parameters. Many people still prepare their reports in Excel.
Visual analytics
We have made visual analytics of the service station with clear dashboards on all business clusters. Employees, customers, spare parts and much more
Unclear efficiency
t is not clear how effective the business is, and how to compare it with competitors. Why is the number of work orders is the same, but the neighbors earn more?
Key Performance Comparison
You can compare the key indicators of your workshop with the competitors’ indicators in a couple of clicks. All data is impersonal, but you can compare the work of your employees with the best car services in your city.
Forgotten customers
You need to notify customers manually all the time: to remind them to come back for more repairs, to arrive at the right date and time, to complete the repair of the car, etc.
Automatic notifications
In ZEN.CAR a client has a personal cabinet where he/she can see all the recommendations received from the workshops and all the history of repairs, and also receives automatic notifications when a new visit to the workshop is due. The client can always make an appointment with the workshop from his personal account.
Forensic planning
If you have several workshops, you have to plan the workload of the workshop and periodically monitor its current state.
The real workshop workload
We have developed the "Bay load" tool for convenient client appointment booking by time, as well as visual tracking of the current workload.
Too long and inconvenient
Long processing of the car reception for repair. Speed depends only on the experience and attentiveness of the employee. The client spent 15 minutes in the workshop and nobody has started to work on the car yet.
Sophisticated business processes
We have made a quick step-by-step filling of the work order. When a client signs up via ZEN.CAR, the data in the work order will already be pre-filled. Filling out the counterparty data by TIN and much more.


review author avatar
Ruslan Sadridinov
Owner of the Three Gazelle workshop
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Wide functionality, quality
  • ...
I am the owner of the Three Gazelle workshop, now we are successfully working and building a customer base, and ZEN.CAR helps us with this!
review author avatar
Maxim Parygin
Cartronic workshop owner
  • Easy and convenient
  • Easy to work with work orders
  • ...
I tested a lot of CRM systems before, I couldn't find any flaws in ZEN.CAR
Our workshop was recently opened and we needed a program that was easy to implement and immediately...
review author avatar
Igor Vladimirov
Director of the "Kayros" workshop
  • Easy to implement and get started
  • Intuitive interface
  • ...
Haven't found it yet
Our workshop was recently opened and we needed a program that was easy to implement and start working right away.
review author avatar
Natalia Zavodskaya
Workshop Director
  • Convenient technical support
  • Price
  • ...
They don't exist
I always communicate with Maxim about my problems and questions. It's convenient when you are always in touch with a professional...
review author avatar
Ruslan Zinoviev
Workshop director general
  • It is easy and convenient to operate
  • No need to train employees
  • ...
I could not find for myself
I never thought we needed such a system before. But after the test period, I immediately paid for a monthly plan.
review author avatar
Emil Zaripov
Owner of the workshop
  • Technical support is always in touch
  • Work order operation
  • ...
Have not yet identified
ZEN.CAR is making a really good product, I have subscribed for monthly plan.

Save 3x your time with ZEN.CAR

reduces the time for a workorder operation in a a linear, convenient, simple way
hours per day
hours per week
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135135euros per month
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All plans include all modules
Service requests
Creation of work orders
SMS notification of customers
Recording the customer’s contacts
Scheduling the bay load
Stock and goods acceptance
Repair standard time
Payroll job
Profit analysis
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